Religious Studies

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To be able to understand and appraise the perspective of others is a key and valuable skill for all young people growing up in today’s turbulent world. Religious studies helps to overcome prejudices and negative stereotypes, promotes integration, a stronger sense of community and self-awareness.

At Key Stage 3 we teach a broad curriculum in Religious Education covering a variety of religious and non-religious worldviews and themes. In particular, we cover the following broad-based topics:-

Year 7

Philosophy of Religion, Journey of the Sacred from Palaeolithic times to the current age, Key Teachings in the Abrahamic Religions, Peace & Conflict, and Atheism.

Year 8

The content of Year 8 includes a study of Alternative World Views and Religions, Hinduism, Ethics & Morality, and Debates about evil and suffering.

The academic year ends by revisiting key ideas studied in year 7.

All of these topics prepare the students for the content of the GCSE they will start in year 9, and also broaden their perspective of the world.

KS4 - Years 9-11: Edexcel Spec B Full course: Beliefs in Action (1RB0)

The following subject areas and topics are covered as part of this key GCSE:-

Marriage and the Family

  • Marriage in Islam
  • Atheist and Humanist Views of Marriage
  • Islam and Sexual Relationships
  • Atheist and Humanist Views on Sexual Relationships
  • Islam and Family
  • Family in the Ummah
  • Islam and Contraception
  • Other Views and Theories on Contraception
  • Islam and Divorce
  • Islam and Equality of Men and Women
  • Islam, Gender Prejudice and Discrimination

Crime and Punishment

  • Christianity and Justice
  • Justice for Victims and Other Views on Justice
  • Christian Attitudes to Crime
  • Christianity: Good, Evil and Suffering
  • Christianity and Punishment
  • Christianity and the Aims of Punishment
  • Christian Teachings About Forgiveness
  • Christianity and the Treatment of Criminals
  • Ethical Theories
  • Christianity and the Death Penalty

Living the Muslim Life

  • The Five Pillars and the Ten Obligatory Acts of Shi’a Islam
  • Shahadah
  • Salah
  • Sawm
  • Zakah and Khums
  • Hajj: Rituals
  • Hajj: The Meaning Behind the Rituals
  • Jihad
  • Jihad in Society Today
  • Religious Celebrations in Islam.

Muslim Beliefs

  • Introduction to Religious Studies GCSE
  • The Six Beliefs of (Sunni) Islam
  • The Five Roots of Shia Islam
  • The Nature of Allah
  • Risalah: Prophethood
  • Kutub: Holy Books (Part 1)
  • Kutub: Holy Books (Part 2)
  • Malaikah: Angels
  • Al-Qadr: Pre-destination (Part 1)
  • Al-Qadr: Pre-destination (Part 2)
  • Akhirah: The Afterlife (Life after Death) (Part 1)
  • Akhirah: The Afterlife (Life after Death) (Part 2)
  • Exam Practice Questions

Christian Beliefs

  • Creation of the Universe and Humanity
  • Incarnation
  • The Last Days of Jesus’ Life (1)
  • The Last Days of Jesus’ Life (2)
  • Salvation and Atonement
  • Trinity
  • Eschatology (Life after Death) (1)
  • Eschatology (Life after Death) (2)
  • Problem of Evil (1)
  • Problem of Evil (2)
  • Solutions to Suffering (1)
  • Solutions to Suffering (2)
  • Solutions to Suffering (3)

Religious Education Curriculum Map All Years