Religious Studies

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To be able to look and understand the world and personal issues from the perspective of others is a key skill and valuable for all young people growing up in today’s somewhat turbulent world. Religious studies helps to overcome prejudices and negative stereotypes, promotes integration and a stronger sense of community.

At Key Stage 3 we teach a broad curriculum in Religious Education covering a variety of religions/worldviews and themes. In particular, we cover the following broad-based topics:

Year 7

Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Philosophy, Ethics, Atheism, Contemporary Issues and Religion. All of these topics prepare the students for the content of the GCSE they will start in year 9.

Year 8

The content of Year 8 is a repeat of Year 7 material but with more detail and evaluation.

KS4 - Years 9-11: Edexcel Spec B Full course: Beliefs in Action (1RB0)

The following subject areas and topics are covered as part of this key GCSE:-

Marriage and the Family

  • Marriage in Islam
  • Atheist and Humanist Views of Marriage
  • Islam and Sexual Relationships
  • Atheist and Humanist Views on Sexual Relationships
  • Islam and Family
  • Family in the Ummah
  • Islam and Contraception
  • Other Views and Theories on Contraception
  • Islam and Divorce
  • Islam and Equality of Men and Women
  • Islam, Gender Prejudice and Discrimination

Crime and Punishment

  • Christianity and Justice
  • Justice for Victims and Other Views on Justice
  • Christian Attitudes to Crime
  • Christianity: Good, Evil and Suffering
  • Christianity and Punishment
  • Christianity and the Aims of Punishment
  • Christian Teachings About Forgiveness
  • Christianity and the Treatment of Criminals
  • Ethical Theories
  • Christianity and the Death Penalty

Living the Muslim Life

  • The Five Pillars and the Ten Obligatory Acts of Shi’a Islam
  • Shahadah
  • Salah
  • Sawm
  • Zakah and Khums
  • Hajj: Rituals
  • Hajj: The Meaning Behind the Rituals
  • Jihad
  • Jihad in Society Today
  • Religious Celebrations in Islam.

Muslim Beliefs

  • Introduction to Religious Studies GCSE
  • The Six Beliefs of (Sunni) Islam
  • The Five Roots of Shia Islam
  • The Nature of Allah
  • Risalah: Prophethood
  • Kutub: Holy Books (Part 1)
  • Kutub: Holy Books (Part 2)
  • Malaikah: Angels
  • Al-Qadr: Pre-destination (Part 1)
  • Al-Qadr: Pre-destination (Part 2)
  • Akhirah: The Afterlife (Life after Death) (Part 1)
  • Akhirah: The Afterlife (Life after Death) (Part 2)
  • Exam Practice Questions

Christian Beliefs

  • Creation of the Universe and Humanity
  • Incarnation
  • The Last Days of Jesus’ Life (1)
  • The Last Days of Jesus’ Life (2)
  • Salvation and Atonement
  • Trinity
  • Eschatology (Life after Death) (1)
  • Eschatology (Life after Death) (2)
  • Problem of Evil (1)
  • Problem of Evil (2)
  • Solutions to Suffering (1)
  • Solutions to Suffering (2)
  • Solutions to Suffering (3)