Business Studies


Subject Introduction

Business studies is offered as an option for students in Years 9, 10 and 11. Over the three years of the course students prepare for the OCR GCSE (1-9) in Business (J204)

Business Studies develops students’ understanding of all of the core aspects of running a business. It has practical applications. Some students are able to put their knowledge to immediate use in local businesses. The subject also provides a good basis for further study in business and related fields.

Students take two examinations: Business 1, Business Activity, Marketing and People and Business 2, Operations, Finance and Influences on Business.

In Year 9, students learn:

Business Activity – Business Objectives; Need to add value; Options for start-up (partnership etc); Limited liability; Enterprise; Thinking creatively; Invention / Innovation; Calculated risk; Enterprise Skills; Entrepreneurs’ Qualities; Business growth; Business Planning and Business Stakeholders.

Marketing – The Role of Marketing; Market research; market segmentation and the Marketing Mix.

Human Resources – The Role of Human Resources; Recruiting, Training and development; motivation and retention; Motivational theory; Organisational structures and ways of working; Communication; Employment Law.

In Year 10, students learn:

Operations – Production Processes; Quality; The sales process and Customer service; Consumer law; Business location and Working with suppliers.

Finance – The Role of Finance, Sources of finance; revenue, costs, profit and loss, break-even and cash flow.  Ratio analysis is now part of the GCSE specification.

Influences on Business – Ethical and environmental considerations; the economic climate and globalisation. 

In addition, students will investigate the interdependent nature of business for the second of the two examination papers.

In Year 11, students learn:

In Year 11 students consolidate learning for all of the units, and focus on revision and exam techniques.

Business Studies Curriculum Map Years 9, 10, 11