Attendance (and Reporting Absence)

Good attendance at school is essential for students to do well. It is parents’/carers’ responsibility to ensure that students are at school on time, every day, unless they have a good reason for absence. If a student is unable to attend school because of sickness, please contact the school as early as possible on 01494 437729.

Parents/carers should be aware that if a student is not present in school and we have not been notified, our attendance officer will seek to contact them at the earliest opportunity.

Any parent/carer wishing to discuss their son’s/daughter’s attendance is welcome to contact the school’s Attendance Officer.

Leave of absence may be granted to students in exceptional circumstances. Please use the link below to see the school policy on student leave of absence.

Cressex Community School Attendance Policy 2022

Parents/carers are advised that a students’ persistent unauthorised absence from school may lead to a fine being issued.