Homework is an important part of students’ learning. It builds on what they have learnt in lessons and develops the habit of independent study. Homework can take many forms, including: completing work or exercises started in lessons, project work and research.

Students are asked to record their homework in the School Planners. In addition, Cressex Community School has invested in an online tool called Show My Homework. This allows teachers to set homework with all the relevant resources, instructions and deadline information available online any time and on any device, including mobile phones. Parents/carers can also log in to Show My Homework to offer support and encouragement. They can view their child’s homework calendar and check details of the tasks he or she has been set. They can even see what homework is upcoming to help with planning.

Show My Homework can be accessed via the VLE button on the Cressex Community School website homepage.

Students login to Show My Homework using their school email address and password, which have been supplied to them in school.  Parental logins are also supplied by the school.  Both parents/carers and students can reset passwords online by using their email address or they can be resupplied by emailing office@cressex.org.  

Students are able to complete their homework tasks in the library at the beginning and end of every day. Homework clubs are also open during most lunchtimes where teaching support staff are on hand to offer support and advice.