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Stemroller february 2020

Are you aged 11 - 19 and female*?

Do you want to feel empowered by 70+ inspiring women representing over 30 STEM industries?

Do you want to watch the fastest growing female sport in Europe - roller derby?

Do you want to try out low contact 'sock' derby and see what you can do when you are 18? If you are 18, you can play roller derby right now!


50 female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) professionals are coming from all over the UK to meet you!

They are passionate about their jobs and passionate about their sport. Learn why!

What will you do?

1. Speed network with women working in STEM and learn about their careers and why they are passionate about their jobs.

2. Try out 'sock' derby. This is a low contact, safer version of roller derby (which is high contact and can be quite dangerous). Learn the basics of this unique game.

3. Watch women play and officiate a game of roller derby. Everyone involved is a woman working in STEM.

4. Speed networking with women you did not meet in the morning. You will meet 70+ women in total across the day.

Official part of day ends. Attendees are more than welcome to stay and get themselves lunch and then join us at 14.40 for a second informal game (but will decide which teams wins overall!)

5. Lunch for 40 mins or so (unsupervised).

5. After you can stay until about 16.30 to watch a second fun game (because playing one game is never enough!). This will be a full length game of 30 minutes a side. The first game is 20 minutes a side.

For more details of this event and to register, please click on the link below.

STEMroller - empowering female students (aged 11 - 19) by Bucks Skills Hub


“School is the place where all students, whatever their family background, can get unbiased information, advice and guidance on the whole range of career pathways.”

Sir John Holman 2018
Gatsby Foundation


At Cressex we recognise that being “work ready” is just as important as the qualifications you hold.  Throughout their five years of compulsory education, students at Cressex will be given opportunities to develop and hone their employability skills through a range of events and activities; some internally delivered but many involving our trust partners and local employers.

In line with The Gatsby Benchmarks, Cressex School supports students with:

  • Assemblies/ Seminars led by local employers, former students and career experts
  • Year 11 Careers Day
  • Year 10 Aspirations Day
  • Year 10 Living in the wider world
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • Year 12/ 13 Work Experience
  • Year 8 Options Evening
  • Year 7, 8 & 9 Enterprise Passport Days
  • Year 9/ 10/ 11 Academic Information Evenings
  • Year 6 Mini Enterprise
  • Workplace & University visits (Oxford Brookes/ Bucks New University)
  • Dedicated Careers Library
  • Career insight talks – All of Year 11 are entitled to at least one face to face session with a qualified Connexions Careers Advisor
  • Employer visits to lessons
  • Support with employability skills
  • Mock interviews
  • Impartial information on Post 14, 16 and 18 course choices.

For a full listing of our careers programme please see our Summary of Careers Programme.

One way to make your personal statement/ CV stand out is to show that you have studied around your subjects. For example, you could try taking a free online course at FutureLearn.  Choose from hundreds of free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. Browse by subject or start date, to find the right course for you.

Take a look at the following careers website listing to access a huge range of careers advice and information.

In addition, please read the Cressex Policy for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance