The School Library

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The school library is open for all students before, during and after school and is available for private study, access to the internet and reading in a calm and supportive environment.

There is an up-to-date selection of modern and classic fiction and leisure non-fiction to support the curriculum, encourage reading for pleasure and to stretch and improve our students’ reading abilities both as a life skill and as a proven route to greater academic achievement.

Studies have shown that reading daily can have the following benefits:

  • improved mental health and a reduction in levels of stress
  • improved concentration
  • an increase in the number and type of words students are exposed to
  • improved accessibility for all subjects studied

Each student in years 7 and 8 visits the library weekly for an hour as part of the English curriculum. These lessons incorporate group reading extracts, quiet reading, student book recommendations and using the Accelerated Reader program to monitor reading progress. Homework includes reading daily for 30 minutes, and logging this in a reading journal.

Students can borrow books and keep them for a period of two weeks. If they need them for longer, the loan period can be extended for a further two weeks. Reservations can be made if the required stock is already out on loan.

Borrowers from the library accept full responsibility for taking care of these resources and returning them on time. Charges will be made for the replacement of lost or damaged items, but we do not levy fines for overdue books.