Year 10 Work Experience

Work experience is a great opportunity for students to learn about the world of work, develop transferable skills and it provides students with an insight into some of the career paths that may be available to them in the future. 

Cressex Community School believes that work experience is an essential part of a student’s holistic development and has continued to offer work experience, despite changes to Government policy and focus.

Transferable Skills
Working outside
Caring for others
Talking to customers
Working with numbers
Working as part of a team
Working independently
Working with computers
Working with animals
Organising and planning
Using creative skills
Using writing skills
Working with tools
Using the telephone


The school, in connection with the Learning to Work, (LTW), works hard to make sure that work experience placements are meaningful and appropriate for all Year 10 students. 

All students are required to complete 1 week of work experience from Monday 8th June until Friday 12th June 2020.

Work Experience Programme 2019 - 2020


Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term


Deadline: Monday 9th September 2019

Students Matched to Placements Students to be informed of their work placement

Complete 'OWN PLACEMENT' forms

For those students who would like to find their 'own'

Deadline: Thursday 19th December 2019

Learning to Work conduct Health and Safety Checks
with Employers


Students to attend this
event in 'business attire'. This is a carousel of 
workshops designed to provide you with a range
of skills and to help fully
prepare you for your
work experience.

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Wednesday 13th November 2019

Learning to Work to send
Confirmation Letters to Employers
All students to confirm placements with
businesses by telephone.

Student INTERVIEWS to be held with Learning to Work

Tuesday 19th November 2019
Wednesday 20th November 2019

  Log Books issued to 
students for completion
on work experience.



Monday 8th June - 
Friday 12th June 2020

(1 week)

Parents can support our work experience programme in a number of ways

  • Discuss the different types of work that your child might like to do, including the possibility of using friends / family links to secure placements.  

  • Help your child to actively seek out their own placement. Discuss the skills that they may want to develop.

  • Please complete an ‘Own Placement’ Form, which is available from the school reception. Deadline: Thursday 19th December 2019.

  • In the summer term, students will be given their placement details. Please ensure that they telephone their employer to confirm their placement and attend an interview if required. Students will also be given a Parental Agreement (PA) form, which must be signed by the parent / carer and returned to school promptly.  

  • On Wednesday 6th May 2020, students will attend Skills for Life event at Cressex. This is a carousel of workshops designed to provide your child with a range of skills and to help fully prepare them for their work experience. In preparation for their work experience they are required to wear ‘business attire’ on this day.

  • Prior to them attending their placement discuss your child’s work placement with them, especially the importance of timekeeping, attendance, smart appearance and enthusiasm when in the work place.

Work Experience Co-ordinator:   Mrs Bhandal