Personal Social and Health Education


In Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) at Cressex Community School we aim to develop students’:

  • confidence, responsibility and ability to work individually and together;
  • understanding of positive relationships, which includes respecting the differences between people;
  • understanding of what a healthy, safe lifestyle involves; and
  • skills in order to find a career for the future and the qualities needed to achieve this.

PSHE is taught both as a separate subject and across all subject areas within school in order to support students as they mature and help them prepare for their future.

Working alongside the National Curriculum subjects, we focus on three core areas:

  • Health and well being
  • Relationships
  • Living in the wider world

Our core focus in all PSHE lessons is preparing our students to take their place in the world now and in the future, and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to deal with challenges and make the most of the opportunities of life. We pride ourselves in respecting the views of others and valuing the diversity of our school. We teach that although certain ways of life might not be our choice, we respect the positive choices others may make. We help students to understand that choices have to be made in all areas of life and that it is their right to give or withhold consent.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

During the sessions a range of issues are discussed including the importance of relationships, as well as matters relating to consent, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, drugs and alcohol abuse. We feel that well-delivered RSE is an important part of preparing young people to take their place in society, however parents/carers are reminded of their right to withdraw students from sex education lessons. In order to do this please contact the school.

Programme Overview

In Years 7 and 8 students are taught PSHE through discrete timetabled lessons.

Year 7. Students study a range of topics including: E-safety, Health and Relationships. They explore dealing with growth and change as normal parts of growing up. They also develop their understanding that relationships (including parents and friends) affect everything we do in our lives and that relationship skills have to be learnt and practised.

Year 8. Students study a range of topics including: Careers, E-safety, Drugs, Alcohol, Relationships and Contraception.  They are able to develop and use knowledge and understanding to make informed choices about safety, health and well-being. They also develop skills for enterprise and employability through a range of different activities.

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students are taught PSHE through Curriculum Enrichment Days, delivered by specialist providers and teachers.

Year 9. Students study a range of topics including: Youth Crime, First Aid, Mindfulness, Managing Money, Valuing Diversity and Relationships. They appreciate that pressure can be used positively or negatively to influence others in situations involving risk. Students also assess their needs, interests, values, skills, abilities and attitudes in relation to learning about work and enterprise.

Year 10. Students study a range of topics including: Preparing for the work place (including work experience), Money Matters, Risk Taking Behaviour, Lifelong Learning, Developing Relationships and Keeping Healthy. They are able to recognise that healthy lifestyles, and the wellbeing of self and others, depend on information and making responsible choices. They are also able to understand that relationships affect everything we do in our lives and that relationship skills have to be learnt and practised. They learn where and how to obtain health information, how to recognise and follow health and safety procedures, ways of reducing risk and minimising harm in risky situations, how to find sources of emergency help and how to use basic and emergency first aid.

Year 11. Students study a range of topics including: Study Skills and Careers, with a focus on how to apply for the next stage of education, training or employment with training. They also consolidate their knowledge of safe relationships and healthy living. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own and others’ strengths and achievements, to give and receive constructive praise and criticism, and to learn from success and failure. They identify, select and use a variety of information sources to research, clarify and review options and choices in career and financial contexts relevant to their needs. They develop and apply skills and qualities for enterprise.

PSHE Policies

Please see the policy section of the website.

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