Current Support Staff Vacancies

High Achievement for All is Our Shared Responsibility

Every member of the Cressex team plays an essential role in providing the highest quality of education for the young people here and achieving the best possible outcomes.

Listed below are current support staff vacancies at the school. If you think you have what we are looking for and would like to join the team, please get in touch. For more information about any post, please email: For each of the positions advertised, there is a job advert, job description and person specification and a letter to applicants in the documents folder below. Word and PDF versions of the teaching application form are also available.

Finance Assistant - May 2023

Finance Assistant - Job Advert

Finance Assistant - Job Description

Finance Assistant - Person Specification

Finance Assistant - Application Form (pdf)

Finance Assistant - Application Form (Word)

Teaching Assistant - May 2023

Teaching Assistant - Job Advert

Teaching Assistant - Job Description

Teaching Assistant - Person Specification

Teaching Assistant - Application Form (Word)

Teaching Assistant - Application Form (pdf)

Teaching Assistant - Quick Application TES

Exam Invigilators

Exam Invigilators - Job Advert