Staff List

Name Role Category
Mr K Shabbir Headteacher Senior Leadership Team
Mr M Akhtar Interim Deputy Headteacher Senior Leadership Team 
Miss S Saddique Interim Deputy Headteacher Senior Leadership Team 
Mr R Trimmer Interim Assistant Headteacher Senior Leadership Team
Mrs V Hillier Business Manager

Senior Leadership Team

Ms P Nawab Director of English Head of Department
Mr F Raza Head of Maths Head of Department
Mrs M Bashir Head of ICT/Business Studies Head of Department
Mrs R Leach Head of Music Head of Department
Mrs R Lister Head of Modern Foreign Languages Head of Department
Ms V Mote Head of Geography Head of Department
Ms H Manley Head of Art Head of Department
Mrs B Saunders Head of Citizenship Head of Department
Mr A Waheed Head of Science Head of Department
Mr L Ferguson Head of History/Head of Year 10 Head of Department
Mr I Anis Head of Design and Technology Head of Department
Ms H Abbasi Head of Religious Studies Head of Department
Ms A Ahmed Humanities, Head of Sociology Head of Department
Ms G Fraser Head of P.E/Head of Year 9 Head of Department
Mrs L Hart Key Stage Leader (Years 7 & 8)/i.c PSHE Key Stage Leader
Ms A Choudhury Second in Charge English Teaching Staff
Mrs A Conde English Teaching Staff
Ms S Hakim English Teaching Staff
Mr P Roberts English/Humanities Teaching Staff
Mr R Ullah English Teaching Staff
A Gul English Teaching Staff
Ms A Martin-Ostler English Teaching Staff
Ms J Delsante French Teaching Staff
Ms A Sawney Business Studies Teaching Staff
Ms H Nawaz Second in Charge Maths Teaching Staff
Ms T Akhtar Maths (School Council Leader) Teaching Staff
Mrs N Choudhury Maths Teaching Staff
Mr A Aslam Maths Teaching Staff
Ms S Akhtar Maths (Maternity Leave) Teaching Staff
S Basu Maths Teaching Staff
Ms H Maqsood Maths Teaching Staff
Mrs M Al-Heeti ICT  Teaching Staff
Ms N Kauser-Ali ICT  Teaching Staff
Mr M Taylor ICT/Computing/Head of Year 11 Teaching Staff
Mr F Fustte History Teaching Staff
Ms E Austin Geography Teaching Staff
Ms R Ali R E Teaching Staff
W Ashraf R E  Teaching Staff
Ms K Bent Second in Charge Science Teaching Staff
Ms S Ahmed Science Teaching Staff
Ms A Anwar Science  Teaching Staff
Ms H Carr Science Teaching Staff
Mr R Shaw Science Teaching Staff
Ms S Steed Science  Teaching Staff
Ms L Lindo Science  Teaching Staff
Mr I Mohammed D&T/Science - STEM Teaching Staff
Ms N Ahmed Cover Supervisor Teaching Staff
Mr P Gorley PE Teaching Staff
Mr M Cardoso PE Supply Teaching Staff
Ms Z Bishop PE Trainee Teaching Staff
Ms S Khan Sixth Form Tutor  Teaching Staff
Ms E Ali Sixth Form Tutor Teaching Staff
Mr T Hakim PSO  Support Staff
Mrs T Fenn PSO  
Mr T Bashir PSO Support Staff
Child Protection & Support Officer    
Ms O Cichon Child Protection & Support Officer Support Staff
Learning Support    
Mrs S Weightman SENDCo SENDCo
Mrs S McKenna Senior Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Ms Z Khaliq Learning Support Administrator Support Staff
Mr J Bakermault Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Mr S Clarke Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Ms I Drewe Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Ms J Iaciofano Teaching Assistant  Support Staff
Mrs L Kentleton Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Mrs M Millier Teaching Assistant. Support Staff
Ms V Musk Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Mr L Green Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Ms B Webster Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Mrs T Whyte Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Mr G Young Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Ms F Khatoon Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Ms E O'Brien Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Mrs F Carter Head's P.A. Administration Staff
Ms L Gregory Finance Assistant Administration Staff
Mrs D Savage Administration Officer Administration Staff
Ms K Creighton Receptionist Administration Staff
Ms K King Lettings Officer  Administration Staff
Mrs S Strugnell Receptionist Administration Staff
Mrs K Thompson Data/Exams Officer Administration Staff
Ms C Trew Attendance Officer Administration Staff
Mrs S Young Cover/Exams Officer Administration Staff
Ms K Baldwin Matron Support Staff
Project Manager    
Mrs S Bhandal Project Manager/Work Experience Coordinator Manager
Ms K Harper Librarian Support Staff
Site Management/Caretaking    
Mr I Hussain Site Manager Site Staff
Mr T Wilks Caretaker Site Staff
Mr I Majidi Caretaker Site Staff
Mr I Aziz IT Manager  
Ms S Akhtar English/Maths/P.E Technician Technician
Ms S Baig Art Technician Technician
Mr A Boddington Senior D&T Technician  Technician
Mrs J Box MFL/Humanities Technician Technician
Ms S Jayakody Science Technician Technician
Ms M Wade Science Technician Technician
Ms J Newton Reprographics Technician Technician
Ms E Sage English/Maths/P.E Technician Technician




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