Behaviour for Learning

We take pride in being an orderly, happy and harmonious community in which lessons are conducted without interruption, and achievements are recognised and celebrated.

Our Code of Conduct, which underpins everything we do, is based on respect for:

  • Ourselves;
  • Others;
  • Achievement; and
  • The World Around Us.

We expect all students to behave well when they are at school and when they are representing the school. When students make the right choices, this is noticed and rewarded as appropriate. When they make the wrong choices we use a staged approach to sanctions and at the same time work with the students concerned to help them make better choices in the future.

Behaviour that damages the well-being of our community is not tolerated and is dealt with firmly, in line with our Behaviour for Learning Policy.

We are very pleased that visitors to Cressex regularly comment on the calm and purposeful atmosphere and the positive, polite students. 

To see a full copy of our Behaviour for Learning Policy, follow this link - Click here