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Top 5 ways to improve your CV

As a student, you might know you have the skills required for the jobs, but struggle to back them up with experience. Check out these five practical ways that you can improve your CV by gaining work-related experience while you’re still at school.

How to balance work and study as a student

It’s a dilemma that lots of students face - how can I strike a balance between working and studying? Find out how you can strike the right balance with these tips.

How to help your child with job applications

As a parent, you can provide a helping hand to make sure your child has ticked these boxes in their application. We explain how in this guide.

Job versus career: what's the difference and why should I plan ahead?

You're probably surrounded by parents, teachers and careers advisors, all telling you that it’s time to think about your career. But what does this mean, and why is it about more than just getting a job? Find out why it's important to start thinking about.

What are soft skills and why are they important?

Soft skills is a term often used by careers advisors and employers to describe the kind of essential personal skills and social capabilities people need to be able to do most jobs. Find out about some of the key skills that will help you in the future.

Careers websites recommended for University research

UCAS : The central organisation through which applications are processed for entry to higher education, Includes information and services for prospective students and parents.

What Uni?: Degree listings, university reviews, students can compare degree details; to assist students in researching university/degree choices

Russell Group universities: Russell Group universities are committed to the highest levels of academic excellence in both teaching and research.

Which university?  A free and independent way to search and compare UK degree courses and universities; find the best one for you, with insider tips

Open days: Directory of university and college open days. Offers calendars, open day descriptions, contact information and useful advice

University taster days: is a unique, invaluable and up-to-date source of university taster events, workshops and open days.

Further recommended websites for career planning

Local colleges - Prospectuses are available in the LRC

Henley College

Buckinghamshire College Group (previously Amersham and Wycombe College)

Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA)

East Berkshire College

Uxbridge College

University Technical College Aylesbury

University Technical College Reading

Apprenticeships/employment/careers research

Apprenticeships - National Apprenticeship Service

ASK Apprenticeships – apprenticeship provider

Students can register directly with AIM who will be able to assist them in finding an Apprenticeship vacancy and support them through the application process.

Once registered students will be able to access the C.V. Builder and the general advice centre

Opportunities in Buckinghamshire - Wannabe Bucks

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