Careers Guidance and Advice

At Cressex we are keen to encourage our students to research the careers and opportunities that are available to them so that they can set themselves targets to strive toward.

There are many resources available that provide information, but we have signposted a few websites below that are a good place to start:

Access to educational and careers resources at - including:

  • revision materials
  • tips on exam technique
  • guidance on applying to university
  • practical careers tips
  • apprenticeship vacancies and information
  • deals to help students make the most of their budgets and free time

Students have been encouraged to complete the careers software that the school endorses at There is no need to enter a school registration code. By asking a number of questions, the software guides the students to research a variety of suitable careers.  It would be useful if students spent time reviewing the software results with parents to ensure they maximise the benefits.

Start Profile can help, whether you just want to find out a bit more about jobs you might like, don’t have a clue, or you’re desperately looking for entry-level jobs and really concrete next steps.