Our approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics

Our approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics

At Cressex we want every student to feel safe in their mathematics classroom, to enjoy learning mathematics and to fulfill their potential in public examinations.

We support students to:

  • learn about, and learn through, the key mathematical processes:
    • representing
    • analysing
      • use mathematical reasoning
      • use appropriate mathematical procedures
    • interpreting and evaluating
    • communicating and reflecting
  • work collaboratively and engage in mathematical talk,
  • select the mathematics to use,
  • work through tasks that develop problem solving skills,
  • tackle relevant contexts beyond the mathematics classroom,
  • find out about the historical and cultural roots of mathematics.

In our teaching we:

  • build on the knowledge students bring to a sequence of lessons,
  • expose and discuss common misconceptions,
  • develop effective questioning,
  • use co-operative small group work,
  • emphasise methods rather than answers,
  • use rich collaborative tasks,
  • make connections between mathematical topics,
  • use technology where appropriate.

“Assessment for learning” is central to our teaching.  In particular we:

  • plan objective led lessons with clear learning intentions and success criteria,
  • plan key questions and opportunities for dialogue for learning,
  • give formative written and oral feedback,
  • make use of peer and self assessment.

We aim to develop the following as key characteristics of good mathematical learners:

  • resilience,
  • resourcefulness,
  • reasoning and
  • reflection.

For further information about the content taught in years 7, 8 and at GCSE, please see the curriculum map below.

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