Posted on: 4/03/2016

Head Girl, Andzelika Gabrus, elected as Deputy UK Youth Parliament Member for Wycombe

Cressex Community School is thrilled to have a young, articulate and budding politician amongst its student body who has just been elected as Deputy UK Youth Parliament Member for Wycombe.  Head Girl, Andzelika Gabrus, will be using her new position to raise a number of important issues, both nationally and locally, and is looking forward to working alongside local Members of Parliament to ensure Wycombe’s youth voice is heard.  The role has a two year tenure and involves attending Parliament regularly to debate issues of a national interest as well as participating in local events.

We caught up with Andelika and asked her some questions about what she hopes to achieve and her plans for the future.

Andzelika, how did your interest in politics begin?

It started off when I began to watch the news and saw what elections were all about.  I have also enjoyed my Citizenship lessons at Cressex since Year 8 and from then on I realised what I loved to do.

Are there any particular political topics you would like to debate at the Youth Parliament?

I want to discuss mental illness and how it should be considered. I also want to talk and debate on the voting age.

If you were granted half an hour to spend with David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, what would you like to discuss with him?

I would ask him a few questions, for example, what his thoughts are on 16 year olds being able to vote and discuss his future plans for the UK.

And as a school student, if you were granted half an hour to spend with Nicky Morgan, the current Secretary of State for Education, what would you like to discuss with her?

I would like to speak about exams and how we can incorporate mental illness studies into PSHE lessons.

What, for you, are the current issues of concern for Wycombe's youth?

I think that teenagers my age do not have enough places to go to in Wycombe.

Would you like to take your interest in politics further, say, at A level or at university?

Yes. Government and politics is my first choice for A levels and I wish to continue by studying law, politics and history at university.

Everyone in the Cressex community wishes Andzelika all the very best in her role as Deputy UK Youth Parliament Member and with her longer term ambitions at university and beyond. Well done Andzelika.

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