Posted on: 29/11/2022

Year 7s Write for the Planet

A recent Writing for the Planet online workshop with National Geographic (Kids) Editor, Tim Herbert, sparked our Year 7s' curiosity for the global environment and how to become a wildlife journalist.

Having completed their weekend pre-reading task from Herbert's magazine, they enthusiastically cited facts on cloud forests before the webinar began. In the 45-minute session, they learned about Herbert's journey from being a football writer to a climate researcher; how to tell the difference between real and "fake" news; his underwater expeditions; visiting Borneo and Ecuador, and his encounters with fire ants and tarantulas. The sixteen students took copious notes, interacted in live quizzes, and asked fantastic questions including: "Have you ever regretted a published mistake?" Had this been selected among the barrage of questions from young people across the country, I trust the answer would have been, "Yes!"

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