Posted on: 27/10/2017

Reg Rundle, Cressex's long serving Governor, awarded "Governor Emeritus" status

Following his recent resignation from the Governing Board, long serving governor Reg Rundle has been honoured for his outstanding contribution to Cressex Community School at a celebratory tea with school staff. Chair of Governors Katy Simmons and Headteacher David Hood both spoke about the debt of gratitude owed by the school to Reg for his steadfastness and vision in supporting Cressex over the years. An accountant by profession, Reg made many valuable contributions to the school’s plans for managing its budget, including during some testing times, as well as to the wider developments of the school. In addition to cutting a celebratory cake alongside the youngest members of the school’s staff, Reg was awarded a certificate of excellence for his achievements on behalf of the school, and accorded the status of “Governor Emeritus”.

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