Year 6/7 Transition Summer School 2021

During the last week of July 2021, over 75 children took part in a wide range of creative, sporting, academic and outdoor activites as part of the Cressex Community School Year 6/7 Transition Summer School. 

Here is some of the amazing feedback we have received from those who attended. 

Summer School is amazing. It is one of the best summer schools in High Wycombe. They already provide you with lunch. Cressex also have 3 break times. There are many fun activities that I really enjoyed. Making slime was the best one. I’ve made new friends throughout summer school. I also have explored the school more. #summerschool

Summer school is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. It also improves your learning and equips you with many skills such as teamwork and being more sociable with people you have never met. So far, my experience at Summer school has been exceptional as we have made ever lasting memories. Anyway, what are you going to do at home? I recommend you going to summer school. #summerschool’

Having the best week at Summer School! Teachers and pupils are kind and nice. It has made me aware of where to go. #Summerschoolvibes’

Click on this link for the full report on the Year 6/7 Transition Summer School 2021.