Message to parents and carers, 14th May 2020, from David Hood, Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s been a while since I gave you an update and there have been some recent important developments. Please read the following carefully.

Change in Financial Circumstances

We are aware that families’ financial circumstances may change rapidly in the present time, e.g. if a parent is suddenly made redundant and the family loses its income. If this sadly has happened to your family, you might be entitled to the Government free school meals voucher scheme, worth £15 per week per child. If you think you might qualify for this or want to find out more, contact us at

Prime Minister’s Announcement, 10 May 2020

I am sure you will be aware that, last Sunday, the Prime Minister announced some areas in which the lockdown will be eased a little.

In relation to secondary schools, the Government has said: “we expect that secondary schools will be able to offer some face to face contact with Year 10 and Year 12 pupils. This will not be a return to full timetables or pupils back in school full time, rather some support to augment pupils’ remote education.”

You will understand that this statement raises at least as many questions as it answers. We have been promised further guidance to help us understand what is expected and how we might put it into practice. In the meantime, the education unions and others are raising a number of questions about the extent to which primary and secondary schools will be able to operate safely if they start to cater for more than the small group of students currently in school. We also await a further announcement from the Government on or around the 28 May at which they will confirm whether the data and science show that it will indeed be possible to proceed with a partial reopening of schools. At Cressex our decision making will be guided by our own assessments of risk and the potential impact of our actions on students, staff and the wider community.

As soon as we are clearer about what we can do to provide any face to face support for Year 10 and Year 12 students, we will be in touch.

What has become clear, however, is that students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will not be coming back to school before the end of the summer term, unless there is a massive and entirely unexpected development. In light of this, our teachers are looking again at how they are teaching in order to widen the range of ways that they present new information for students to learn. For various reasons we have not so far engaged in “live teaching” using video based technology. From half term we are initiating a trial of this with some teachers and some classes with a view to expanding what we do over the term.  You will hear more about this in due course.  In the meantime, please do all you can to keep your children engaged in education during these exceedingly difficult times. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us at

Continuing In-School Provision

We continue to look after a group of students drawn from all year groups who are either vulnerable (i.e. they have an EHC plan or an involvement with Social Care) or who have a parent who is a key worker. If you think your child qualifies under one of these headings and you would like him/her to join the in-school provision, please contact us at

Half Term

We wish everyone happy Eid celebrations, unusual though they will be.

Teachers will not be setting work for students over the half-term week.

Wishing you all the best,


David Hood