Coronavirus Update from David Hood, Headteacher, Friday 27 March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have arrived at the end of the first full week of school closure. It all feels very strange and quiet without the students. We have had a small group of students with us every day apart from today, who have done brilliantly well. Well done to them and the staff supporting them.

Cressex teachers have been working hard to make sure that lessons are available for students at home. We know that many students are doing well with this work. But we also know that some are not. Please do everything you can to encourage your child/ren to get involved and stay involved with their learning. If your child has a question or concern, they are welcome to email their teacher.

To help your child to get through the day, it’s a good idea to create a structure. This could include four or five 45 minute sessions for learning, a 30 minute session for exercise (there are plenty of ideas for this on-line), 10 minute breaks, and maybe even a session for preparing food for the family (see below).

We have been asked about what feedback students can expect on the work they have done. Here I must ask you to be understanding of the challenges faced by many of our teachers, which will be similar to your own. Not only are colleagues having to set lessons for students in an unaccustomed way, they are also having to look after their own families and encourage their own children to be positive and stay involved with their learning. This means that the time available to many will be limited and detailed marking difficult. Teachers will do what they can, but please be patient and understand that feedback may well be less frequent than normal and more to a whole class than to individuals.

Today we had our first distribution of Free School Meal packs. If your child is entitled to a Free School Meal and you would like to order a meal pack for the Easter period (and haven’t already done so) please let us know via You need to tell us your name and the name/s of your child/ren.

On the subject of food, I’ve been really enjoying the suggestions made by Jamie Oliver for making great meals with simple ingredients on Channel 4 this week. Have a look and be inspired!

If you need additional help and support with anything, please see the offers and suggestions shown on the page downloads below.

With best wishes to everyone, 


David Hood

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