Dear Parents / Carers,

Thank you for your continuing understanding and cooperation during the current difficult period.

Here is a brief update:

Many of you, like me, will have seen/heard the latest announcement from the Government. It contains some momentous news.

  • As of Friday afternoon, all schools must close for most students. However, the Government says that schools must stay open for the children of key workers and for vulnerable children (those who have an Education, Health and Care Plan and those who are supported by a social worker). There is not yet any detail on how this is to work in practice. As and when we know more, we will let you know. To help us plan for what we may have to do, please inform us urgently if you are a keyworker (defined as someone who works in health care, a police officer or a food delivery driver) and think that you would need provision for your child/ren (
  • Public examinations (GCSEs, BTECs and A levels) will now not take place in May and June. I understand that this will be enormously concerning for Year 11 and Year 12 students and their families. The Government assures us that students will not be disadvantaged by this. We have no further information beyond this, but will of course ensure that we let you know more as soon as  we do. In the meantime, it is all of our responsibility to keep the young people affected positive and engaged in their education and learning. There will come a day when the Coronavirus cloud passes and these wonderful students must be ready and waiting to seize their opportunities in life.
  • I am delighted to say that we had a very good response from Year 11 students to the opportunity to pick up work and revision materials today. Please do all you can to encourage them to use these.
  • Staff will be regularly posting work for students in all year groups on Show My Homework. Students should check this regularly and attempt all the work set. They can contact their teachers by email for further guidance and to ask questions (during normal school hours please).
  • Packs of learning materials for students without access to ICT, or with special needs which make access to ICT-based learning difficult, will be available for collection tomorrow. We will contact the students affected  in the morning to explain the arrangements.
  • We understand that the Government is also addressing the issue of access to food for students on Free School Meals. Here too we await more information.

I would like to place on public record my thanks to the staff of Cressex for the outstanding work they are doing to support students and help them continue with their learning. They are a great team!

Wishing everyone in our community well.


David Hood