Train to Teach

Train to Teach with Astra SCITT! 
Cressex Community School is very pleased to be working in partnership with Astra SCITT in offering bursary led/fee funded (QTS and QTS with PGCE), and salaried (QTS only) teacher training places. Astra has recently (November 2018) been judged as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in all four categories for initial teacher training.  The full Ofsted inspection report is available via the Astra website ( or this link to the Ofsted website.  
Generous, tax-free bursaries are available for some subjects and a full list of these can be seen via this link
Cressex Community School also offers salaried training placements in certain subjects. Please keep an eye on our vacancies page for updates.  
As well as awarding QTS through Astra’s weekly core training programme, the SCITT also works with Goldsmiths, University of London for the optional PGCE ‘top up’ qualification, worth 60 Masters credits. 
Since 2013, the Astra partnership has built up considerable experience in training teachers and recognises and values the enthusiastic contribution that they make to our school communities.  Employment rates for trainees are high and outcomes and completion rates are also well above national benchmarking figures.  Expert staff in our schools share their knowledge and good practice to ensure that trainees are well supported to develop into good and outstanding teachers. We also aim to ensure the right trainee is matched to the right school for both the main and second teaching placements.  
To find out more, please contact Shazeen Saddique, Assistant Headteacher via (tel: 01494 437729) or speak to a member of the Astra SCITT team via (tel: 01494 787573).  Please also click here to access the ASTRA prospectus.  Details of forthcoming open days and events can be found on the Astra website.