Performance Tables

Cressex is a non-selective, urban school in a wholly selective area. The student population has very distinctive characteristics (based on 2016 figures):

  • 41% are known to be eligible for free school meals (national average – 28.9%)
  • 22.5% have a special educational need (national average – 11%)
  • 71.9% speak English as an additional language (national average – 15.7%)
  • 13.6% did not join the school at the normal starting point in Year 7 (national average – 8.4%) 

It therefore makes sense for the school to offer a curriculum that is well matched to the needs of the students at the school to ensure that they:

a) are motivated by the subjects and combinations of subjects on offer; and
b) have the best chance of success so that they are well set up for their next stage of education or employment with training when they leave Cressex.

Attainment of Students Aged 16

Results in 2017 (provisional data) demonstrate that the school had considerable success in achieving these goals:

  Cressex National
Progress 8 + 0.2   0
Attainment 8  44.2 44.2
Grade 5 or above in English and Mathematics  44% 39.1%
Grade 4 or above in English and Mathematics  68% 63.3%
Achieving Ebacc at grade 4/C or above  10%* 23.5%

*Fewer than average students at Cressex took 8 “qualifying” subjects for the EBACC (see comments at the top of the page).

In addition to the above:

  • The highest percentage ever of students achieved passes in GCSE or other equivalent qualifications at grade C and above, grade B and above, and grade A*/A.
  • Attainment at grade 4 and above was close to or better than the national average in: English, Mathematics, Science, Languages and Humanities.
  • 95% of students gained 5 or more GCSE passes at A*-G.
  • 100% of students achieved at least one qualification.

Destinations of leavers in 2015 (the most recent year for which data are available)

Staying in education for at least two terms after Key Stage 4 85%
Further Education (FE) College or other FE provider 39%
School Sixth Form 26%
Sixth Form College 19%
Staying in employment for at least two terms after Key Stage 4  4%

Attainment of Students Aged 18

All students on the course completed the Level 3 BTEC qualification in Children’s Play, Learning and Development.

The average grade achieved was Distinction Minus.

All have progressed to higher education or employment with training.

Department of Education School Performance Tables - Cressex Community School