Music and Drama

Year 7

Rhythm and Pulse - understanding classical rhythm notation and learning to perform and compose using it.

Bullying - Understanding and developing basic drama techniques around the theme of bullying.

Musical Futures 1 – Using the previous rhythm knowledge students will apply notation to chords and learn to perform along to a variety of melodies. Students will learn chair drumming and demonstrate both chords and drumming for assessment.

Character - In this project students learn how a character can be developed. At the end of the project students perform a brief scene for the characters in their group from a script which students devise.

African Drumming - learning about the culture of West African music as well as djembe drum techniques and polyrhythms.

Text and Script - This project is about using a variety of texts as stimuli for drama. At the end of the project students will perform a scene from the script of a mini-play

Year 8

Blues - learning about the culture of Blues music as well as how to play a walking bass, chords and the skill of improvisation.

Slapstick and Pantomime - This project explores a particular genre. By the end of the project, students will have created a scene from the pantomime Cinderella that concentrates on physical elements and slapstick.

Samba - The traditional carnival music of Brazil is studied in this unit. Students will use percussion instruments and develop their rhythmical skills whilst working together and developing leadership skills.

Peer Pressure - This project looks at the influence of peer groups and the possible consequences of peer group pressure. The performance at the end of the project is about someone who is persuaded to do something wrong. The drama is presented as a mixture of freeze frames and improvisation.

Musical Futures 2 – Building on Musical Futures 1 students will be given a piece of music to learn and perform using chord, melody and chair drumming skills.

Script - The aim of this project is to develop a piece of drama using a script. Students will be given the opportunity to write and perform their own scripts, based on extracts from plays by Shakespeare.