Pupil Premium Information


Each year the school receives an additional sum of money, above its base budget related to student numbers, to support the learning of students in receipt of the Pupil Premium. The sum allocated to Cressex in the most recent full academic year (2019-20) was £230,945.


Our key focus is to raise the attainment and progress of students in receipt of pupil premium funding to bring them as closely as we can into line with those students nationally who do not receive pupil premium, and thus increase their life chances.  We also look to broaden the range of educational opportunities and experiences open to students.

Specific areas of work are:

  • relentlessly seeking to improve the quality of teaching, as “what happens in the classroom” is instrumental to securing good progress and attainment
  • continually reinforcing students’ reading, writing, mathematics and communication skills, including through additional interventions as needed;
  • deploying available resources as effectively as possible to break down “barriers to learning” experienced by disadvantaged students;
  • engaging and developing learning through a comprehensive programm of extra-curricular provision;
  • subsidising enriching experiences that disadvantaged students might otherwise miss; and, overall,
  • ensuring a clear focus on all disadvantaged students, including those with SEND and more able students and support students in becoming aspirational, confident and successful learners



All student performance data in the following table is derived from the Centre Assessed Grade process used in the Summer of 2020. There are no national comparators.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic not all funds were spent as initially planned. For example some scheduled extra-curricular and curriculum enrichment activities had to be cancelled, while extra expenditure was needed on ICT to support home learning. 

Priorities for 2020-21

Sustain the foci identified above.

Identify and work with those students who have fallen back during the COVID pandemic to give them the best chance of catching up and succeeding.

Continue to monitor the progress of all sub-groups within the pupil-premium group to check that they are progressing as expected, intervene as necessary.

Funding for 2020-21

Pupil Premium:        £216, 785

COVID Catch-Up:    £59,680