Pupil Premium Information


Each year the school receives an additional sum of money, above its base budget related to student numbers, to support the learning of students who face barriers to their learning. This additional money is based on the number of students entitled to receive free school meals at any point in the past six years and is known as the Pupil Premium. The Pupil Premium sum allocated to Cressex in the 2018-19 academic year is £235,620.

Barriers to learning for students for whom the school is in receipt of the Pupil Premium are regularly monitored and evaluated. They include such issues as young people living in crowded homes where it is difficult for them to study in a peaceful environment. Some young people live very turbulent lives and require significant additional support to settle into the routines of school. Many pupils lack confidence in spoken and written English.

At Cressex, the Pupil Premium funding is used to contribute to the salaries of Student Support Officers, Intervention Support Officers, Teachers and Teaching Assistants to enable additional support to be provided to students who need it. This can take the form of targeted support and mentoring, and the provision of additional lessons after school and during the holidays. Pupil Premium funding is also used to support students’ participation in extra-curricular learning opportunities, including a highly effective annual summer school that supports transition from primary to secondary school. Students with low literacy skills are given additional teaching, either one to one or in small groups. Reading age assessments show that this intervention has a very powerful impact for the great majority of students concerned.

In the current year it is intended to spend the allocation in a similar way to that indicated in the “background” section above as the needs of students remain broadly similar from year to year. Impact measures will also remain the same. The strategy for spending the pupil premium will be reviewed within the budget setting round for 2019-20.


Students in receipt of Pupil Premium funding have consistently performed better, in a number of respects much better, at Cressex than similar students in both Buckinghamshire and England, indicating that the funds have been spent effectively.

In 2018 (provisional)

  • The Progress 8 score for students in receipt of the Pupil Premium was +0.68, well above the national average for all students (-0.02) and the national average for non-disadvantaged students (0.13).
  • The Attainment 8 average score for students in receipt of the Pupil Premium was 45.02, above the national average for all students (44.26).

In 2017 (2018 figures are not yet available)

Pupil Premium students made significantly better progress at Cressex than similar students nationally in English (6th percentile). They made better progress than disadvantaged students in England in: mathematics (27th percentile), science (14th percentile), and humanities (32nd percentile). Their overall progress was also better than that of similar students in the country (31st percentile).

The attendance of Pupil Premium students was 94.3%, above the national figure of 92.8%. 16.4% of Pupil premium students missed 10% or more sessions, over 5 points lower than the national figure of 21.6%.  3.4% of Pupil Premium students had one or more fixed term exclusion compared with 18.8% of such students nationally; 0.7% of Pupil Premium students had more than one fixed term exclusion. The national figure was 3.8%.

(Data sources: Analyse School Performance – Provisional School Performance Summary, DFE 2017/2018; Inspection Data Summary Report, Ofsted 2016/17)