Headteacher's Message to Parents and Carers, 16th April 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are well and have been able to enjoy some of the good weather over the past fortnight.

We are looking forward to seeing students back in school on Monday.

Ahead of then, here are some important reminders:

1)      Covid 19 has not gone away and students still need to comply with all of our control measures during the school day (face-masks, social distancing, hand-washing)

2)      Please do not send your child into school if he or she is showing Covid 19 symptoms. You should arrange for a PCR test at a Covid test centre and only send him/her into school if the test comes back negative. Keep him/her at home till then.

3)      If you have signed up for the home based Covid tests (using the Lateral Flow Tests supplied by school), please continue to ensure that your child does these routinely, ideally twice a week. Your child/ren should take one of these tests on Sunday, before the return to school on Monday. If the test is positive, let us know, keep your child at home, and arrange for a PCR test at a test centre.

4)      We have been having some problems with the heating system in school over the holidays. We have been doing our best to get these fixed, but school may be chilly on Monday. Please ensure that your child is warmly dressed for Monday.

Best wishes,


David Hood