Headteacher's Message to Parents and Carers: Return to School March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

You will have heard that schools are welcoming students back in the week beginning 8 March. We are really looking forward to seeing students again and taking the first steps back towards normality.

We are still working on the details of our plan, but, at this stage, please note:

1)      Students in different year groups will start back on different days in the week. So please do not automatically send your child to school on Monday 8 March

2)      Before they start back in school properly, students are expected to have had a COVID test, which they will take in school. Students will take this first COVID test on the day before they return to lessons.

3)      Students should then take two more tests in school, 3-5 days apart. After that they will be given tests to take at home, under parental supervision.

4)      This testing is only intended for people who are NOT showing COVID symptoms. If your child has COVID symptoms, DO NOT send them into school. You should book a test at a test centre.

5)      Managing testing alongside the return to school means that we have had to plan the first week very carefully, as follows:

  First Test
Lessons Start
Second Test
Other Information
 Monday     8 March



All scheduled vulnerable and
keyworker students in school

SMHW lessons only for Y10,
Y11, Y12, Y13

Existing remote learning timetable
for Y7, Y8, Y9 (mixture of “live” and
Show My Homework)

Tuesday    9 March


Y7, Y8 Y10, Y11,
Y12, Y13

Vulnerable and keyworker students
in Y10 and Y11 rejoin normal classes

Scheduled vulnerable and
keyworker students from Y7, Y8 and Y9 in school

SMHW lessons only for Y7, Y8 and Y9

10 March
Y9 Y7, Y8
Y10, Y11,
(Y12, Y13 also in school)

Vulnerable and keyworker students in Y7 and Y8 rejoin normal classes

Scheduled vulnerable and keyworker students from Y9 in school

SMHW lessons only for Y9

Thursday 11 March   Y9
(Y7, Y8, Y10,
Y11, Y12, Y13 also in school)
Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13

Vulnerable and keyworker students in Y9 rejoin normal classes

Students will need to be out of lessons briefly to attend tests

Friday 12
  Everyone in school Y7, Y8 Students will need to be out of lessons briefly to attend tests

6)      Students can only be tested if parents/carers have completed this consent form. Please complete the form by the end of Tuesday 2 March 2021. Note that students over 16 should complete the form themselves.

Cressex Community School : Covid-19 Testing Consent Form - Students

7)      Students do not have to take the test and we cannot make them do so. They must still return on the day shown above for their year group even if they haven’t signed up for testing. Signing up for testing is very strongly advised as it helps keep everyone safer.

8)      Once we know which students have signed up for testing we will write again to let you know the  time of your child’s/children’s pre-return test.

Other points

9)      From the point of return onwards, students’ attendance at school is once again mandatory, i.e. required by law.

10)   Students will need to wear a face mask in communal areas and lessons in school where they are not able to maintain social distancing (unless there is a health or other reason for them not to). Please ensure that your child has access to a clean face mask every day.

I hope this is all clear, but do please contact us at school (office@cressex.org) if you have any questions.

With best wishes,


David Hood

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