Headteacher's Message from David Hood, 8th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a week this has been! When we gathered back in school just 5 days ago, this is really not where we thought we would be on Friday.

I pay huge tribute to the hard work of the staff and the students, and to you the parents, for your support in helping us move rapidly to full “remote education” over the course of the week. I absolutely acknowledge the additional burden the closure of school buildings to most students will place on many. We will do all we can to support and keep students engaged in their learning, but ask please for your patience if sometimes things don’t work as well as we would wish. For example we have already experienced this week that some technical issues are arising because of the massive pressure on the internet as every school is teaching on-line. If you are having technical problems that you think we can help you solve, do not hesitate to get in touch.

This afternoon your child will be receiving, by email, an amended timetable which starts from next week (11/1/21). He/she will still have 5 lessons a day from Monday to Thursday and 4 lessons on Friday. These are the same lessons he/she would have in school. Most lessons will be taught “live” on-line. Those lessons will be highlighted in blue on the student timetable. Some lessons (no more than 2 per day) will be based on activities posted on Show My Homework. Those lessons will be highlighted in yellow. In addition, your child should have 2 “live” tutor periods a week. The days for those will be identified by the form tutor over the next week.

I am also taking this opportunity to advise you that the latest version of our operational guidance, updated following the developments of this week, will be on the website shortly.

Thank you as ever for your support.


Best wishes,


David Hood
Cressex Community School