Message to parents and carers, 12th June 2020, from David Hood, Headteacher

Dear Parents / Carers,

I am writing to you at the end of our first full week of “live” teaching. Combined with our revised timetable, we hope this is enabling your child/ren to engage well with school and keep their learning going. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and pay tribute to all of the staff who have worked really hard to make these changes, and to you and your children for the roles you are playing in making it work. We are aware that not all families have access to the technology needed to make the most of the live learning opportunity. Months ago the Government said that they were going to make laptops available to students who met certain criteria. Some weeks ago, we were asked to confirm the number of laptops we should receive on behalf of our students. We are still waiting to see the laptops. In the meantime, please do let us know directly if you need technological or other help to enable your child/ren to access lessons (

We have a growing number of students attending in-school supervision. If you think your child qualifies as a vulnerable child or because you are a key worker as defined on the Government list, and you would like your child to access this provision, please contact us (

With the new approach to learning and the larger numbers of students in school, we have needed to write amendments to two key policies that affect students: Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy and Behaviour for Learning Policy. Both of these can be found on the Documents and Policies area of the school website ( Key points to draw to your attention are:

·         Students must not do anything that increases the risk of spreading Covid-19 in school

·         Students must not do anything that disturbs the teaching of live lessons

·         In support of both of the above, students must follow staff members’ reasonable instructions at all times

Please help us by reinforcing these messages. Please also remain vigilant that your child/ren are not putting themselves at risk by any of their on-line activity. If you need support with this or any other safeguarding issue, please contact us.

There have been some quite confusing messages coming from the Government about next steps with regard to schooling. At Cressex, we are doing the following:

Year 12  The students are currently in school completing the final elements of their course

Year 11  We have uploaded all of the Centre Assessed Grades to the Exam Boards’ websites as required.  Students will receive their results by email from school to their email address on 20 August. Students are asked to return any school textbooks, and to clear their lockers (see separate letter sent to Y11 students).

Year 10  Students should continue to follow the school timetable and attend live lessons. As the term progresses we may invite some or all of them in for face to face meetings in school.

Years 7-9  Students should continue to follow the school timetable and attend live lessons.

We await more information about what the expectations will be from September. As soon as we can make concrete plans for having students into school we will let you know.

Finally, if you have any school uniform that you no longer need and is still in good condition, we would be very pleased to take it to pass on to new students. If you’d like to hand some old uniform into school please email us at in the first instance.

With all good wishes,


David Hood