Important message for all students and parents/carers, Friday 22nd May 2020

Dear Everyone,

Rather than write separate mails, as I have been doing, this is one mail for everyone. It contains some important information. I am requesting that parents/carers and students read and discuss it together to make sure everyone understands what the school is planning for the second part of the summer term, after half term.

Firstly and importantly, I hope you are all managing to keep positive and optimistic as we move into yet another month of abnormality. The spirit among the staff at Cressex is good and we are really pleased to be continuing to work with you as we get through this together!

This email covers our plan for teaching all students and how we are intending to deal with the Government’s expectation of “face to face” support for Year 10 students.

Our plan

1)      Starting on Monday 1 June 2020, there will be a new timetable in place for all students in Years 7 to 10. A copy is attached for you to see. There will be fewer subject lessons each day. Two longer sessions in the morning (mainly core subjects – English, Maths and Science), one shorter one in the afternoon. We will continue to cover all the subjects that students are studying, but we think this rhythm is more suitable for home-based learning.

2)      From Monday 8 June, some lessons will be taught “live” by teachers, others will be taught using material recorded by teachers. See the colour coding on the timetable to show what is happening when. Teachers will be available for part or all of the lessons to answer any questions students have. The teacher teaching the lesson may be different from the teacher the class has had up to now. All of this will happen using Microsoft Teams, which students have access to. See the guidance at the foot of this email on installing Teams.

Students will be “invited” to join their lessons by their teachers. While it is possible that a lesson may start with a quick “meet and greet” where the students can see their teacher, the expectation is that lessons will mainly be taught only verbally with supporting materials displayed on the screen. Students are expected to behave positively in these virtual lessons and to follow their teachers’ instructions at all times. We are confident that we can make this run smoothly, but if there are technical problems from time to time, please bear with us. We are all learning how to make this work.

3)      The timings of the lessons are as shown on the timetable. Students are expected to attend, as they would be if they were in school. Teachers will be noting the students who attend and those who do not. We will follow up on those who do not. If there is a good reason why a student cannot join the lesson at the timetabled time, the lessons will be recorded and can be accessed afterwards via Microsoft Streams.

4)      In addition to these timetabled lessons, teachers will continue to set assignments for students to do independently. Students are expected to do this back-up work to the best of their ability.

5)      Teachers will continue to use Show My Homework (SMHW) to communicate with students and parents about lessons and the work they expect students to do. All work will always be set on SMHW first.

“Face to face” support for Year 10 students

Each secondary school has had to make its own decisions about how to deal with this. Our decisions are:

1)      The revised approach to teaching described above will enable students to have some direct contact with their teachers.

2)      We will invite all Year 10 students into school in small groups to meet senior staff and discuss how we can best provide additional support for them. Year 10 students and parents will hear more about this after half term.

3)      Depending on circumstances, we may invite some Year 10 students into school for lessons in particular subjects.


If it isn’t already clear, I should state “officially” that all activities planned for the last part of the year are, very sadly, cancelled. We will ensure that any payments for school trips are refunded as soon as we can and will keep you informed about this. Once we return to normality we will do what we can to set up again the enriching experiences such as work experience and school visits that students will have missed.

If you have any questions about this mail, please send them via


Wishing you all the best,


David Hood

Technical help

Please see below video tutorials created, and placed on the Cressex YouTube page, for students to follow should they require assistance.

How to install Teams on your Android device -

How to install Teams on your Apple device -

How to use Teams on your device -

How to use Teams on your PC/Laptop -