Coronavirus - Important Message for Parents, 16 March 2020, from David Hood, Headteacher

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please note the following important points in relation to Coronavirus:

  • We are open. If we have to close we will inform parents via email and the school website. Please do not take information from Facebook, newsfeeds or other social media without confirming it by checking our website.
  • If your child is not attending school because isolating but is not ill, please support and encourage her/him to do some school work every day. S/he can keep up with homework being set via Show My Homework, contact friends to find out what they have been doing in school, use the various on-line learning opportunities that are available (GCSE Pod, Doddle, Mymaths etc).
  • As and when we close, teachers will be systematically posting work for all students on Show My Homework.
  • Please keep the school updated with information about student absence because of illness or self-isolation. You can use the attendance email as an alternative to phoning in.

Unlike the governments of many other countries around the world, the UK Government has decided to keep schools open. Nobody can be certain that this is right or wrong but, as all schools, we are under a duty to follow this approach and will continue to remain open until:

Either – we receive an instruction from the Government to close

Or – in our judgment it is no longer possible to remain open because of a shortage of key staff.

As a school we have to weigh up two competing priorities: the desire to keep providing an education to the students; and the need to keep students and staff safe.

At the moment we have some staff and students self-isolating. Some of these are reporting symptoms themselves (persistent cough, high temperature); some of them are doing so because they have been in contact with others who have the symptoms. Unfortunately the Government’s current guidance is not very helpful. According to the guidance, a person does not need to self-isolate if they have been in contact with someone showing symptoms, but who has not been diagnosed with Coronavirus. The issue is that tests are no longer being administered in many cases, so it is often not possible to know for certain if a person has Coronavirus.  If your family faces a scenario such as this, I ask you please to exercise your own judgment as to whether to send your child to school.

We have a number of school trips and other extra-curricular activities in the diary over the coming days and weeks. We will review our participation in these on a case by case basis. I suspect at this stage that most, if not all, will be cancelled or postponed. We will update you about each one as soon as we can.

With all good wishes,


David Hood
Cressex Community School