Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience is a great opportunity for students to see the world of work and gives them an insight into some of the career paths that may be available to them in the future. Cressex Community School believes that work experience is an essential part of a student’s holistic development and has continued to offer work experience, despite changes to Government policy and focus.

The school, in connection with the Bucks Learning Trust (BLT), works hard to make sure that work experience placements are meaningful and appropriate for all of our Year 10 and Sixth Form students.

The work experience programme begins at the end of year 9/ early part of year 10 when students attend an assembly about the process and are given access (via their name and a PIN number) to the BLT website and database. This can be accessed through our Quick Links on the home page. Students are then challenged to find their own work experience placement. There are a number of reasons for this but perhaps the most important one is that students realise how hard it can be to find employment these days!

Work Experience Dates 2019 -  Monday 29th April 2019 – Friday 3rd May 2019 (inclusive)

Work Experience Coordinator:  Mrs Tickner:

Parents can support our work experience programme in a number of ways.

  • Discuss the different types of work that your child might like to do, including the possibility of using family links to secure placements.
  • Help your child to actively seek out their own placement. This can be done using the BLT website, which can be accessed through the Quick Links section of our school website. Students will need a PIN number for this, which will be given to them by the work experience coordinator or their form tutor. The database allows students to identify possible placements that can then be contacted to try to organise a placement.
  • Make sure they contact their employer to arrange an interview. Students will take part in a work experience workshop, usually just before the Easter holidays. During this workshop they should receive their work experience paperwork including an Employer Agreement (EA) form and a Parental Agreement (PA) form. The interview allows the employer to sign the EA to confirm they are happy to offer the placement.
  • Make sure that paperwork is submitted on time! Work Experience own placements and/ or choices (min of 3) need to be submitted on the BLT website.
  • November: Once placements have been confirmed and interviews attended, EA forms and PA forms need to be returned.
  • Discuss your child’s work placement with them, especially the importance of timekeeping, attendance, smart appearance and enthusiasm when in the work place.

Key dates:

Deadline date To be done To who/how?
Early November Own placement/placement choices need to be entered On the BLT website
First week back after Easter Signed Parental Agreement (PA) forms and signed Employer Agreement (EA) forms returned To tutors/work experience coordinator
After placement Work experience diaries to be finished and handed in To tutors/work experience coordinator